About our Children’s Community

The Montessori Children’s Community opened September 5, 2006 in the heart of the Cambie/Oakridge area in Vancouver.

Our Dedication

The Montessori Children’s Community is committed to supporting the wholesome growth and development of the human personality during the formative years of childhood. This is through the work of Dr. Maria Montessori. In this way, we can assist the child, not only in his natural quest for knowledge and independence, but also in his task of creating himself and in striving to realize his potential. This embodies Dr. Montessori’s principle of education as an aid to life.

A Pilot Project (2006 – 2022)

The Montessori Training Centre of British Columbia was granted special permission to develop a Montessori prepared environment for children 3 to 6+ years of age following the criteria required by the Association Montessori Internationale for school recognition.

The Montessori Children’s Community was a Pilot Project for British Columbia from 2006 – 2022. The objectives of this Project were to establish a lab class to demonstrate the excellent quality A.M.I. criteria promote and secondly, by working in collaboration with the Community Care Licensing Office in Vancouver, to define a procedure that could be followed by other Montessori schools in B.C. which chose to operate according to A.M.I. requirements.

In 2022, the Montessori Children’s Community was informed by Vancouver Coastal Health that our Pilot Project had come to an end. The MTCBC and MCC feel honoured and privileged to have been able to contribute to the scope of Montessori research. Although the MCC will no longer operate as a Pilot Project, we will continue to operate as one of the few accredited A.M.I. Montessori schools in Canada.

A.M.I. Accreditation

The Montessori Training Centre of BC is very pleased to announce that since 2009 the Montessori Children’s Community has been certified as an A.M.I. Recognized School, one of a few in Canada! Accreditation is issued through the Montessori Quality Assurance program operated through A.M.I. Canada. The accreditation process ensures that Montessori programs practice the principles and uphold the standards of Montessori pedagogy, as outlined by the Association Montessori Internationale.

The Eden Philosophy

We are most excited to be located at Youville Residence – a seniors’ home operated by Providence Health Centre. The Youville coordinators have welcomed us enthusiastically. Recently they embraced the Eden Philosophy, one of the guiding principles being: ” An Elder-centered community commits to creating a Human Habitat where life revolves around close and continuing contact with plants, animals and children. It is these relationships that provide the young and old alike with a pathway to a life worth living.” The MCC works closely with the Youville staff to schedule regular joint activities with the seniors and our children. This adds a wonderful dimension to our children’s program as well as to the lives of the residents at Youville.

MCC Staff

Montessori Children’s Community staff are known for their warmth, compassion, dedication and knowledge. Our staff are committed to delivering an authentic Montessori education as outlined by the principles and standards of Association Montessori Internationale in an exquisite learning environment. Each staff member holds A.M.I. certification in their respective roles.

Parent Study Programme

The Montessori Children’s Community gives parents the opportunity to participate in an interesting and
dynamic Parent Study Workshop which harmonizes developmental practices in the home and the school. This is presented by Eduardo Cuevas, A.M.I. Primary Trainer, Lecturer, and Consultant, to all new parents of the Montessori Children’s Community prior to the start of each new school year. In addition to Mr. Cuevas’ annual workshop for new parents, the Montessori Children’s Community staff offers Parent Information Evenings throughout the year. These evenings help in deepening a parent’s understanding of child development, Montessori philosophy, the Montessori classroom, and Montessori materials.

An Observation Site

As part of the MTCBC students’ training, the Montessori Children’s Community is one of
the observation and practicum sites used by the training centre. The ability to guide children’s
development based on keen observation of children’s activity is an essential quality of a Montessori

ADDRESS: 4950 Heather St., Vancouver B.C. PHONE NUMBER: 604-261-0863