A multi-age grouped Montessori childcare center in Vancouver West, Kerrisdale area is looking for 1 AMI trained head guide and 1 Co-guide/ or assistance. We are searching for candidates who is based locally and is passionate to work with children in a mix aged, clean and peaceful small group setting. The environment is prepared to follow the child and provides guidance under traditional Montessori culture and other unique interesting integrated programs to unfold children’s potentiality.

We are looking for teachers who:

  1. Loves to work with children, responsible, punctual, patient, creative and fluent in English.
  2. Guide or Co-guide must be ECE certified along with AMI primary diploma or AMI assistance cert.
  3. Teachers who enjoys working in childcare but only has ECEA + AMI assistance cert. also welcome
  4. Comfortable in multi-tasking and able to maintain planning, work with others, log observation data, and prepare progress reports, and host parents conference.
  5. Maintain tidiness and order in the environment.
  6. Position available in long term and short term substitute.

Wage offer: Monthly payroll and the ECE cert. Teachers will receive wage enhancement bonus along with agreeable hourly rate. It will be a full-time position of 30-40 hours a week from Monday to Friday or otherwise specified. Resume can be sent directly to info.protothouse@gmail.com if interested in the position.

* Further we will require 3 references, criminal checks, and SIN to complete the hiring process.